Raising the Flag of Azerbaijan in the City of Lachin

On September 21, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev raised the flag of Azerbaijan in the city of Lachin. In his speech President Ilham Aliyev asserted that at the end of the 44-day Patriotic War, Armenia was forced to sign an act of capitulation, thus acknowledging Azerbaijan’s historic victory and as a result of capitulation, Armenia had to remove its troops from the occupied parts of the Aghdam, Kalbadjar, and Lachin districts.

According to the statements by the head of state, part of the Lachin and Kalbadjar districts had been liberated during the 44-day Patriotic War. The southern part of Lachin and the northern part of Kalbadjar were freed from the occupiers by the victorious Azerbaijani army. However, the city of Lachin was not under our control. The reason for that was the construction of an alternative automobile road connecting Armenia with Khankendi. After the construction of an alternative road for a year and eight months period, on 26 August, the Azerbaijani Army entered the city of Lachin, and we regained the city of Lachin.

President Ilham Aliyev stated: “Let me also note that together with the city of Lachin, the villages of Zabukh and Sus were also liberated from the invaders on 26 August.  So, we should never forget all this history. We are standing on these lands today at the cost of the lives and blood of our martyrs, thanks to the dedication of our heroic soldiers and officers. Now is the time to restore the city of Lachin. Preparations for this are already underway. I sent several groups here immediately after 26 August, an analysis will be conducted of the entire housing fund, and damage will be assessed. At the same time, proposals will be prepared for urgent work to be started. The city of Lachin, and the villages of Zabukh and Sus will be rebuilt.

I want to repeat once more that I am proud to have raised our national flag in the center of the city of Lachin. This flag will fly here forever! We will live here forever! Long live, Lachin! Long live Azerbaijan!