January – June 2022



Opening Ceremony of the Military Unit in the Kalbajar District

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Victorious Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Ilham Aliyev, attended a solemn ceremony to hand over the battle flag to the military commando base as part of his visit to the Kalbadjar district on June 26 – Armed Forces Day.

President Ilham Aliyev saluted the personnel and congratulated the service members on 26 June – Armed Forces Day.

The memory of the National Leader of the Azerbaijani people Heydar Aliyev and martyrs, who sacrificed their lives for Azerbaijan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, was honored by observing a minute of silence. The military personnel performed the National Anthem of Azerbaijan that was accompanied by a Military Orchestra.

President Ilham Aliyev said during his speech: Today, we are celebrating Army Day with pride in Kalbadjar, which we lost in April 1993. I must also say that during the occupation, different options were discussed. Various options were offered to us by the mediators. In all these options, the issue of returning Kalbadjar to Azerbaijan was on the agenda as a separate topic. I have always said that we should regain all our lands. We cannot be content with five districts. We must have Kalbadjar, Lachin, Shusha, and other districts. This is our historical land, the land of our ancestors, and we have achieved this. Celebrating this military holiday in Kalbadjar gives us additional pleasure and fills our hearts with even more tremendous pride.

Then the presentation of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on handing over the battle flag to the commando military unit was read out. Lieutenant-Colonel Fakhraddin Javadov received the battle flag from the Commander-in-Chief and swore an oath. Then the military commando base personnel took the Commando Oath in front of the Victorious Commander-in-Chief. The Commander-in-Chief congratulated the personnel on taking the Commando Oath. The service members marched to the podium with the battle flag under the accompaniment of a solemn military march.

President Ilham Aliyev then got acquainted with a cafeteria, medical point, and dorm for the soldiers of the military unit and was informed about the operational conditions of the newly constructed headquarters building. President Ilham Aliyev also planted a plane tree as a symbol of longevity and visited the memorial complex erected in memory of martyrs and the “Iron Fist” monument in the territory of the military camp.