Opening Ceremony of Shukurbayli-Jabrayil Section of the Shukurbayli-Jabrayil-Hadrut Highway

The 14.2-kilometer Shukurbayli-Jabrayil section of the Shukurbayli-Jabrayil-Hadrut highway was put into operation. President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev attended the event on October 19.

Chairman of the Board of the State Agency of Azerbaijan Automobile Roads Saleh Mammadov informed the head of state of the technical parameters of the Shukurbayli-Jabrayil-Hadrut highway and stated that the old road, which was 42 kilometers long, was shortened by 2.3 kilometers and was replaced with a new road of 39.7 kilometers length. The width of the four-lane road is 14 meters, and the width of the subgrade is 21.5 meters. The construction of 6 bridges located on the road has been completed. Simultaneously 45 round drainage pipes, 49 reserve transfer pipes, 25 rectangular drainage pipes, and 7 rectangular crossings for animals were also built, 366 meters of a concrete wall, 1620 meters of stone retaining walls were constructed, and 18 bus stops were installed along the road.