July – December 2021



Inauguration of the “Sugovushan-1” and “Sugovushan-2” Small Hydropower Plants

The “Sugovushan-1” and “Sugovushan-2” small hydropower plants in Tartar have been inaugurated after renovation. President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev attended the event and launched the stations on October 3.

13.8 million kWh of electric energy will be produced in Sugovushan-1 Small Hydroelectric Power Station annually. The total capacity of “Sugovushan-1” and “Sugovushan-2” Small Hydroelectric Power Stations in Sugovushan settlement of the Tartar region, liberated by the Azerbaijani Armed forces on October 3, 2020, is 7.8 megawatts. Both stations have been thoroughly reconstructed, and their control center buildings, equipment, and power transmission lines between the substations have been completely renewed.