Groundbreaking Ceremony of the 35 kV Substation and Digital Management Center of “Azerishig” OJSC in Gubadli

On October 19, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the 35-kV substation and Digital Management Center of “Azerishig” OJSC in Gubadli and laid the foundation of the substation and the Management Center. Digital Management Center, which will be built in the city of Gubadli, will be powered by the 110/35/10-kV Gubadli substation. The center will provide a part of the electricity demand of the city of Gubadli, and through a digital platform will also allow the management of other energy centers that are planned to be built. A modern dispatch control system and digital network model will be implemented in the Digital Management Center.

With the laying of connecting lines between the 35/0.4-kV “Gubadli city” substation and the Digital Management Center with the 35/0.4-kV “Jabrayil city” substation, a ring supply scheme will be created among “Hadrut” junction substations. At the same time, a mutual exchange of energy between the cities of Jabrayil and Gubadli will be ensured by the laying of a double-circuit cable line between the 35/0.4-kV “Gubadli city” and “Jabrayil city” substations. Construction of “Green Energy” sources in the Gubadli Digital Management Center is also planned. The center’s dispatch management system will be operated in centralized and autonomous functional modes.