Groundbreaking Ceremony of Occupation and Victory Museums Complex in Gubadli

President Ilham Aliyev and First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva on October 19, laid the foundation of the Gubadli Occupation and Victory Museums complex.

The Gubadli Occupation and Victory museums complex will consist of the Occupation Museum, the Victory Museum, and the Memorial Park, reflecting the destruction. The complex will cover an area of about 3 hectares. A part of the natural green belt surrounding the Hakari River will form the northern part of the complex. As part of the river passes through the territory of the complex, the Victory Museum and the Occupation Museum will be symbolically connected with each other through a bridge with a beautiful view. Many ancient bridges, such as the Lalezar bridge over the Hakari river, and the spiral horns depicted in the stone ram figures found in the Gubadli area are the main sources of inspiration for the project concept.

The interior of the Gubadli Occupation Museum is characterized by the spiral shape of the building. The exposition of the museum will be organized using various audio and visual technologies. The daily life of the people in Gubadli before the occupation, the occupation of the city, and the memories of the witnesses of those events, the destroyed heritage, and the vandalism that the territory was subjected to after the occupation will be visually displayed in the museum. On the top floor of the museum building, a green terrace will be organized for visitors to relax.

The interior of the Victory Museum will also be circular. The exhibition halls located on the first floor will be dedicated to the heroism and victory of our people, including the “Iron Fist” operation. On the second floor, through visual technologies, an exposition will be created that perpetuates the dear memory of the martyrs who died for the Motherland and presents information about our heroes. The museum will also have a special hall for various exhibitions.