July – December 2021



Foundation of the Hadrut Junction Substation

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev laid a foundation for the Hadrut junction substation on October 9.

In order to supply the Hadrut settlement with electricity, a 35 kV double-circuit overhead line with a length of 27 kilometers was built from the 110/35/10 kV “Shukurbeyli” substation in the Fuzuli district to the “Hadrut” substation.

A 35/10 kV “Dashalti” substation was built to supply the city of Shusha with electricity in a short time. In order to charge the substation, a 53.5-km-long electric transmission line was built from the “Hadrut” substation. On January 7- after 37 days of full-day work, it was enabled to turn on the light of Azerbaijan in the city of Shusha, despite the rugged terrain, snow, and frosty weather conditions.

A modern type “Hadrut” junction substation, which is included in the 35 kV circular power supply scheme created between “Shukurbeyli,” “Hadrut,” and “Shusha” substations and will be built instead of the “Hadrut” substation, will ensure the reliability and sustainability of the electricity supply of a part of the Khojavend region, Shusha, and its surrounding area.