Bilateral Meeting in Samarkand

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev met with President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on September 16, in Samarkand. During the meeting President Vladimir Putin asserted his pleasure for seeing President Ilham Aliyev on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, at the summit of this organization, after touching on inter-organizational and bilateral relations, he expressed serious concerns over the aggravation of the situation on the Armenia-Azerbaijan border, he also stated that he spoke with Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan about the issue and only through a coordinated effort the escalation was finally been able to stop.

President Ilham Aliyev in turn implied to developing bilateral relations after the signing of the Declaration on allied interaction and expressed his gratitude to President Vladimir Putin for prompt response to the aggravation and escalation on the Armenia-Azerbaijan border. President Ilham Aliyev stated the clashes lasted less than eight hours and the ceasefire regime was already been observed, but the main thing for the moment was not to disrupt the beginning process of normalization of relations and to start moving in this direction. Welcoming the efforts of Russia towards this, including those made within the framework of the tripartite commission at the level of deputy prime ministers of Russia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia for transport communications, within the framework of the delimitation process, as well as plans to start negotiations on a peace agreement, President Ilham Aliyev once again declared Azerbaijan’s commitment to the trilateral documents that were signed by Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia after the second Karabakh war, and readiness to do everything to ensure the stability in the Caucasus.