January – June 2021



Acquaintance with the Restoration and Reconstruction Works of the Palace of Panahali Khan, the Founder of the Karabakh Khanate 

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, during his visit to Aghdam on May 28, visited the palace complex where the Palace of Panahali Khan, the founder of the Karabakh khanate, is located and got acquainted with restoration and reconstruction works here.

One of the historical-architectural structures subjected to Armenian vandalism in Aghdam is the palace of Panahali Khan, the founder of the Karabakh khanate. This historical-architectural monument of the 18th century is one of the first estates of the khan dynasty and consists of two buildings. It was a luxurious house unlike other palaces of khans located on the Azerbaijani territory. Therefore, it was also called Panahali Khan’s castle. Like other historical, cultural, and religious monuments on the occupied territories, Panahali Khan’s palace was desecrated and vandalized by the Armenians. It was used as a stable.

The Imaret cemetery, located near Khan’s palace, where many representatives of the dynasty of the Karabakh Khans were buried, is also a living witness of Armenian vandalism. The tombs of Panahali khan, Ibrahimkhalil khan, Mehdigulu khan, and the tombstone of Khurshidbanu Natava are also located here.