Acquaintance with the Construction Progress at 330/110 kV “Jabrayil” Junction Substation

On October 19, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev viewed the construction progress at the 330/110 kV “Jabrayil” Junction Substation. President of AzerEnergy Open Joint Stock Company Baba Rzayev informed the head of state of the works done and stated that at the substation, the foundation of which was laid 4 months ago, a huge amount of excavation, construction and installation work has been completed, and channels for underground utilities have been laid. At the same time, most of the work has been completed at 330- and 100-kV open distribution plants, and the building of the Digital Management Center has been constructed.

Informing about the importance of the “Jabrayil” Junction Substation, Baba Rzayev noted that it would ensure a sustainable supply of electricity to Karabakh and Eastern Zangazur regions and meet the needs of ongoing mega projects, to get additional and more profitable access through the substations of Jabrayil-Nakhchivan-Agri (Turkey), and from there through the energy system of Turkey to the European energy markets, to increase export opportunities, and after many years it would allow connecting the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic to the common energy system of Azerbaijan. In addition, the construction of the 330-kV “Jabrayil” substation is of tremendous importance for transferring energy produced in the “Khudafarin” and “Giz Galasi” hydropower plants, jointly built with Iran, as well as for transferring energy generated in alternative and renewable energy sources and small hydroelectric power plants to the general energy system of Azerbaijan.

3-stage planning was carried out to implement the Azerbaijan-Turkiye-Europe cross-country international project, which is of international importance and interest to many countries. In the first stage, it is planned to expand and completely reconstruct the 330-kV “Aghjabadi” and “Imishli” substations, the service life of which expired and are located closest to the territories liberated from occupation, also installation of high-voltage electricity lines in Jabrayil, 132 kilometers from the “Aghjabadi” substation and 130 kilometers from the “Imishli” substation is considered. Construction of a 330-kV line from the “Aghjabadi” substation to Jabrayil has already started. At the same time, most of the work in the 330-kV junction substation in Jabrayil was carried out.

In the second stage, to connect Nakhchivan with the country’s main energy system, a 255-kilometer double-circuit power transmission line will be laid from the “Jabrayil” Junction Substation to the Autonomous Republic, through the Zangezur corridor, and a 330-kV “Nakhchivan” substation will be built.

In the third stage, to create an energy hub among Azerbaijan, Nakhchivan, Turkiye, and Europe, in the territory of the autonomous republic an additional 400-kV converter substation will be built to convert 330kV to 400 kV per European energy standards, and a 230-kilometer double-circuit power transmission line will be built from Nakhchivan to Turkiye.