July – December 2021



Acquaintance with the Conditions Created in the New House in the Tartar Region on the Site of the One Destroyed as a result of the Rocket Attack by the Armenian Armed Forces

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, on October 3, viewed the destroyed house of a resident of the city of Tartar, Sahib Ismayilov, which was destroyed as a result of the Smerch missile strike by the Armenian armed forces during the Patriotic War and got acquainted with the conditions created in the new house built on the site of the previous one.

A total of 16 civilians were killed and 63 were wounded in Tartar due to treacherous enemy fire during the Patriotic War. During the war, 16,277 tanks, artillery, rocket launcher, mortar shells, and 21 banned-type missiles landed on 40 settlements, including the city of Tartar. As a result, 82 multistorey residential buildings, 5,949 private houses, 184 businesses, and 301 non-residential facilities, 17 schools, 11 kindergartens, one vocational school, one music school, 30 administrative buildings, and about 20 community and healthcare facilities were damaged in Tartar. 62 houses were totally destroyed. 36 of them have been already reconstructed and handed over. The last completion work on the other 26 is expected to be completed in the coming days. Along with houses, 17 schools were destroyed in Tartar during the fighting. Those schools have been repaired on the order of the head of state. A modular school is already being built. Project-estimate documents have already been prepared for city school No. 5, and the construction will start in the coming days.

During the fighting, 184 business facilities were destroyed. All of them have already been repaired. 301 non-residential areas were destroyed. On President Ilham Aliyev’s order, all people have been paid compensation for the damage to their property, totaling 6,202,000 manats, and a total of 545 animals have been provided in compensation. A total of 6,794,200 manats have been paid. The compensation has been paid for the farmlands that were damaged due to the trenches dug and destroyed due to the shelling.