Acquaintance with Modern Ambulances that will be Used in the Liberated Territories

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev on December 9, viewed modern ambulances purchased by the State Agency on Mandatory Health Insurance.

Chairman of the Board of the State Agency on Mandatory Health Insurance Zaur Aliyev informed that due to the growing demand primary task is to provide new medical centers and stations, as well as newly built hospitals in the liberated territories with ambulance cars. Since 2020, the agency has purchased a total of 249 ambulances, including 84 “Fiat Doblo”, 131 “Mercedes”, 34 “Ford Transit”. In addition, special Mercedes Vito vehicles with two differentials (4×4) provide comfortable and safe movement of the ambulance team in mountainous terrain and off-road conditions. These cars were used during the 44-day Patriotic War for the evacuation of the wounded in difficult and off-road conditions.

Of the 65 Mercedes-Benz ambulances presented, 37 are vehicles with a simple differential, 7 are special vehicles with two differentials, 20 are reanimobiles and 1 is with a perinatal incubator. Cars are equipped with a wide range of medicines and medical equipment, which allows to start treating the patient already on the way to the medical facility. Thus, the complete set of cars allows transporting patients in any condition.