Acquaintance with Conditions Created at Zangilan International Airport

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva viewed conditions created at Zangilan International Airport on October 19. President of Azerbaijan Airlines CJSC Jahangir Asgarov informed the head of state and the First Lady about the airport and stated that the runway of Zangilan International Airport is 3,000 meters in length and 60 meters in width. The airport will be capable of accommodating all types of aircraft, including heavy cargo aircraft.

The platform area is 60 thousand square meters. The airport will allow flights that comply with ICAO and IATA standards. The terminal of the international airport, which meets the requirements of the modern world, will be able to serve 200 passengers per hour. The terminal includes a VIP hall, a cafe, a medical center, and office rooms. Auxiliary buildings, a transformer building, a boiler house, and water tanks have been built on the territory of Zangilan International Airport. A 35-kV double-circuit electric cable line with a length of about 10 kilometers has been laid. Water was extracted from an artesian well dug at a depth of 230 meters.

An Air Traffic Control Tower has been built at the airport, equipped with fully automated air traffic control and air communication systems. To ensure flight safety in accordance with ICAO international requirements, modern aeronavigation support systems of leading Italian and German manufacturers have been applied. ILS/DME instrument landing systems, aircraft navigation systems along the VOR/DME route, automated aviation and meteorological surveillance systems, and primary and secondary radar systems were built and put into operation in a short period of time. All systems have passed registration in the international aviation catalogs of ICAO and Eurocontrol.